Crossfit Garage – CrossFit


2 rounds

200ml row

10 slow low squats

10 pvc pass through

followed by:

30sec each side

calf stretch


on rig open/close arm stretch


Overhead Squat

20 min to build to your heaviest set of 3 reps. aka find your 3RM. This is the priority for the day. Stay here as long as you need, but the class will move on


Option 1

500m Row (Time)

Max Effort 500m Row
This is it! Go all out. Leave nothing on the table. If done right it will crush your hopes and dreams

Attempt as many times as you like (and can bare lol)


Option 2

Row run row run (Time)

500 m row
-rest 2 mins-
400 m run
-rest 2 mins-
500 m row
-rest 2 mins-
400 m run


If time permits

Rope Climb

10 min of rope climbing. Find your progression. Tomorrow we’ll train it

– lay/sit rope pull climbing to feet

– seated box leg wrap

– pull up rig hold feet wrap stand

– seated box leg wrap stand up

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