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25’ Walking Figure-4 Stretch

25′ Ham Scoops

25’ Quad Stretch

25′ Alternating Side Lunges

Calf Stretch

10 push ups

10 sit ups


200m Jog


Rope Climb

10min of practice. Remember what you were doing yesterday and make progress

Rope climb progressions

– lay/sit rope pull climbing to feet

– seated box leg wrap

– pull up rig hold feet wrap stand

– seated box leg wrap stand up


Remember the tire flips tomorrow will get your clothes dirty. Plan ahead

EMOM 20 bear crawl sit up hold rope climb (AMRAP – Reps)

EMOM for 20 min max reps of:

1: Bear crawl (1 rep = 6 ft )
2: Abmat sit ups or GHD sit up (3 reps per GHD)
3: Continuous Front Rack hold 53/35# kb x 2 (1 rep = 10 sec)
4: Rope Climbs
5: Db Hang Cleans 35/20#

FR = 70/53
HC = 50/35

Set up:
Bear crawl in the middle with the other movements at the ends.
Adjust the mats for the bear crawl as needed based on space.
every mat lengthwise is 6ft thus 1 rep.

“Shotgun start” as needed

for Total Reps
add variations to notes

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