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Partner CrossFit Chipper (Time)

Workout name: “Partner CrossFit Chipper”

Time: 30-40 minutes

Equipment needed:
• Barbell with weight plates
• Pull-up bar
• Box (20 inches for women, 24 inches for men)
• Medicine ball (20 pounds for men, 14 pounds for women)
• Jump rope

This workout involves alternating exercises with your partner. You will both complete one exercise before moving on to the next one. Complete all exercises in the order listed.
1 1000 meter row (switch partners after each 250 meters)
2 50 partner wall balls (partners stand facing each other, passing the ball back and forth as they do a squat and throw the ball to the wall)
3 40 partner box jumps (partners alternate jumping onto the box)
4 30 partner deadlifts (partners alternate lifting the barbell)
5 20 partner pull-ups (partners alternate doing pull-ups on the bar)
6 100 double unders (partners alternate jumping rope)

• Choose a weight for the barbell that is challenging but allows you to maintain proper form.
• For the partner wall balls, choose a weight for the medicine ball that is challenging but allows you to complete 50 reps.
• Make sure to warm up properly before starting the workout, and cool down and stretch afterwards.
• Focus on communication and teamwork with your partner throughout the workout.
Good luck and have fun with the workout!

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