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Bench Press (1×2)

Use the first half of class to determine a heavy set of 2 unbroken reps. Athletes may pair up. Use spotter when needed.

Record heaviest load.

Metcon (Time)


KB Deadlift (2-53/35)

Bench Press @ 55%

Kettlebell Swings 53/35

*18/15 Calories Echo Bike between rounds


KB 70/53

Bench Press @ 65%

Echo 21/18 calories
– Two KB for Deadlift

– two bike portions total

Intended Response

21-15-9 rep scheme cues athletes to aim for unbroken sets for the KB DL and KB Swings. Scale the load where unbroken sets are not achievable.

Bench load should feel light during the workout – goal is two sets or less here.

Goal: 8-14 mins

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