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Metcon (Weight)

Every 4 min x 5 sets:

400m Run

8 Power Snatches

*Building in weight*
Increase load for the Power Snatches every round (5 total)

– Score is heaviest/final load for the last round

– Notes: log all 5 loads in increasing order

Bright Spot

400m Run (Time)

Max Effort 400m Run

Power Snatch

Intended Response

Since athletes are to build in weight every set (5 total) for this workout, athletes should spend a few minutes determining what their final set of heaviest 8 reps will be, then come down incrementally from there to determine beginning load. Sets can be increased as little as 1-3 pounds, 5 pounds per set, or 10 pounds per set – as long as they increase. This is to be determined on an individual basis.

The body fatigues as work is completed, so keep this in mind when choosing loads. Ask coach for guidance on load selection.

Athletes will want to approach each round not necessarily as a sprint (because that is not maintainable), but with the end goal being to get done with the run and 8 reps of Power Snatch as quickly as possible in order to take advantage of any rest time before the next round begins. Determine a manageable but aggressive pace for the run that can be maintained x 5.

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