Crossfit Garage – CrossFit

EMOM x 12 minutes (Warm Up) (No Measure)

Min 1: 4-6 Pull-up/Muscle Up progressions

Min 2: 4 OHS increasing weight each round


Muscle ups

Ring support

Strict ring dip

low ring transition

Kipping low ring transition, feet close to hips

Kipping low ring transition, feet away from hips

Kipping ring MU

Transition work-

Standing, rock back, pull through transition

Knees on ground, toe push through transition

Rings chest high, heals on box in front, pull through transition

Rings head high, Jump through the transition


Pull ups

progression options:

Kip swing with feet on box

2 kip swings + 1 Kip, with feet on box

2 kip swings + pull-up, with feet on box

2 kip swings + 1 pull-up + 2 kip swings, with feet on box

box pull-ups

strength options:

banded on rig and pvc pull down

barbell on rig rows

barbell on rig seated pull ups

banded pull up (and crossed)

– strict or swing/kip

banded on J hook pull up

– strict or swing/kip


OHS goblet squat sit up fast (Time)

For Time complete

5 rounds of:

6 x OHS at 55% 1RM
9 x Burpees
12 x sit ups


Overhead Squat

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