Summer Strength for Students

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Gain Strength and Fitness Over the Summer

For middle and high school kids who want to gain strength and athletic performance over the summer

We’ve blended our youth program to gain the most out of the best programs out there. Strength and form with Starting Strength by Mark Rippetoe and CrossFit by Greg Glassman. I created this for my kids because I was unsatisfied with the programs available to them. This approach builds the body while taking into account the oddities of puberty.

During Summer Strength, students will learn how to execute 5 lifts. They are: Dead Lift, Press, Bench Press, Back Squat, and Clean. These videos show gym owner, Andy McCann’s kids demonstrating these lifts: 2019 vs 2017 vs 2015. As students master form and gain strength, they will be able to track their progress in our Wodify tool.

More demonstrations by Brianna: Dead Lift, Press, Bench Press, Clean.


First 2-3 Weeks:

Next 2-3 Weeks:

Last Weeks:

  • warm up and mobility
  • lifting warm ups sets
  • lifts for scoring
  • cool down and mobility

Mark Rippetoe’s Starting Strength is our guiding philosophy.

These tabs contain a description of the lifting portion of the Starting Strength program. If you are not familiar with the notation of showing workout plans, a little explanation is in order. The letter “x” represents a rest day which we will teaching CrossFit on T/Th. The letters “A” and “B” are workouts described here. So, for example, the first week of workouts shown directly below is “AxBxAxx”, which means do workout A on Monday, rest on Tuesday, do workout B on Wednesday, rest on Thursday, Do workout A on Friday, and rest on the weekend.

AxBxAxx BxAxBxx AxBxAxx
  • A= squat, press, dead lift
  • B= squat, bench press, dead lift
  • x= rest day
AxBxAxx BxAxBxx AxBxAxx
  • A= squat, press, dead lift
  • B= squat, bench press, *power clean*
  • x= rest day
AxBxAxx BxAxBxx AxBxAxx
  • A= squat, press, dead lift, power clean
  • B= squat, bench press, back extensions, chin-ups or pull-ups
  • x= rest day
Sets and Reps

Squat 3 sets of 5 reps (3×5)…. this means you’d lift 5 times and rest, then do 5 again and rest, and then one more set of 5…. thus 3 sets

  • Press 3 sets of 5 reps (3×5)
  • Dead Lift 1 set of 5 reps (1×5)
  • Bench Press 3 sets of 5 reps (3×5)
  • Power Clean 3 sets of 5 reps (3×5)
  • chin-ups or pull-ups 3 sets of max reps (3x max)
Nutritional Component of the Starting Strength Program

This will NOT be mandatory. It is highly suggested as strength, mass and lifting go hand in hand.

Here are the nutritional recommendations of the SS program in a nutshell:

  • Eat four meals a day
  • Get 1g protein per pound of body weight per day
  • Eat lots of meat, egg, and dairy
  • Eat lots of vegetables and fruit

Please talk to our friends at All About Health for advice on your child’s needs. These guys are great and will give you a 10% discount when you mention you are a member of the Garage.

The focus of this class is to teach technique first and then to gain strength second. We only let the kids move up in weight as they demonstrate repeatable competency in the technique of that lift. This class is meant for boys and girls who want to improve their physical strength and body awareness.

Knowing nothing is a perfect place to start for a kid.

You get 5 days a week of fitness all summer long here at The Garage with this package.

Summer Strength 6/1/21 – 7/30/21

  • M – F 10:30-11:30 am 
  • Cost is $300
  • Add student summer nutrition habit kick-starter for $125/mo


Soccer Strength & Power 6/1/21 – 7/30/21

  • M-F 11:30-12:30 pm
  • Cost is $300
  • Add student summer nutrition habit kick-starter for $125/mo


It is fine to start anytime in the first 2 weeks. After that it can be tough to catch up. We do a lot of form and technique drills to ensure we’ll be safe in the lifts over that time. It is also okay to miss due to camps, vacation, etc. This happens all the time.

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