Nutrition Coaching

Are you struggling to find the “right” nutrition plan for you?

  • Do you jump from diet to diet?
  • Do you have trouble keeping the weight off that you worked so hard to lose?
  • Are you looking for support and accountability in your nutrition program?
  • Do you need a structured plan to help you get started?
  • Are you looking for a customized plan?
  • Are you confused with all the conflicting information on the internet about what you should and shouldn’t do?
Stop wasting time on programs that you aren’t sure will work for you. CrossFit Garage has helped hundreds of people around the Woodstock achieve their health and fitness goals.

Steps to Get Started:


We understand there is a lot of mixed information on the internet. At CrossFit Garage, we are here to find out where you are starting from and formulate a plan customized for you!


Meet with a nutrition expert to create a simple and sustainable plan. At CrossFit Garage, we focus on education and changing behavior to help you take control of your health. Our mission is to prevent disease and promote optimal health for all our clients.


Transform your health with the ongoing support and accountability of your nutrition coach.

How Nutrition Coaching at CrossFit Garage Can Help You

  • Proven habits that will work
  • Receive a customized mentoring just for you
  • Ongoing support and accountability to ensure progress
  • Receive healthy recipes and meal ideas
  • Communicate with your nutrition coach daily

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