CrossFit – Tue, Jun 13

Crossfit Garage – CrossFit

General Warm-up (No Measure)

50 ft of each:


Skipping high knees

Lateral shuffle

Toy soldiers

Samson lunges (10, then jog)

Crawling spiderman lunges (10, then jog)

Bear crawl

Bunny hop

Broad jump (5, then jog)

Burpee broad jump (5, then jog)

230613 (Time)

– RX –

Every 3:00 for 7 sets:

200-m run

Be sure to be fully warmed up as sprints at full speed can pull hammy’s.


Same as RX’d


Every 3:00 for 7 sets:

150-m run

Substitute with a C2 bike, air bike, row, or ski as needed

Each run should be around 90% of your max speed. It shouldn’t be a sprint, but it should feel pretty close to it.

For today’s stimulus, all sets need to be completed in under 1:00. If this isn’t manageable, reduce the distance to 150-m to practice moving at those faster speeds.
Total time across all sets.

Stretching (No Measure)


1:00 foam roll calf/leg

1:00 lacrosse ball roll/foot

:30 x 12 PC/HPC (Weight)

Every :30 x 12 sets:

1 power clean + 1 hang power clean

– Perform complex unbroken.

– Hold a challenging weight across all sets — around 60-70% of your 1-rep max.

Power Clean

Hang Power Clean

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