CrossFit – Mon, Apr 29

Crossfit Garage – CrossFit

General Warm-up (No Measure)

1 set:

:30 jumping jacks

10 alternating Spiderman stretches

10 leg swings/leg (across the body)

10 leg swings/leg (forward and backward)

1 set

:30 up-downs

10 alternating scorpion stretches

10 single-leg toe touches/leg

10 air squats

1 set

:30 burpees

10 alternating Samson stretches

10 unweighted good mornings

20 mountain climbers

Skill Work (Checkmark)



3 single-arm DB overhead squats, left arm

3 single-arm DB overhead squats, right arm

– Use workout weight or lighter load.

240429 (AMRAP – Reps)

– RX –

EMOM 12:

Odd min | 2 legless rope climbs

Even min | Max-reps devils presses (20/35 lb)


EMOM 12:

Odd min | 1 rope climb

Even min | Max-reps devils presses (15/25 lb)


EMOM 12:

Odd min | 4 pull-to-stands

Even min | Max-reps devils presses (10/15 lb)

Stretching (No Measure)

1 set:

1:00 scorpion stretch/side

1:00 child’s pose stretch

– AT-HOME – (AMRAP – Reps)

EMOM 12:

Odd min | 2 Turkish get-ups/arm

Even min | Max-reps devils presses (20/35 lb)

– Use one dumbbell for the Turkish get-ups.

– Use two dumbbells for the devils presses.

Work Your Weakness

– STRENGTH I – (6 Rounds for weight)

6 sets for load:

1 clean pull

1 hang power clean

1 hang squat clean

– All hang reps start from above the knee.

2 drop sets:

1 complex at 95%

1 complex at 90%

– Welcome to the “in-between cycles” week of our Strength program. The goal of this week’s strength sessions is to recover, realign, and prepare for the next eight-week and four-week cycles. This will commence on May 5.

– Perform 6 heavy sets of the complex, building in load. Leave 10-20 pounds in the tank, versus going as heavy as possible.

– Perform 2 additional drop sets at 95% and 90% of your heaviest set of the day.

– Rest 3:00 between sets.

Deadlift (- STRENGTH II –
For load:
5 sets:
10 deadlifts
– Rest 2:00-3:00 between sets.)

– Focus more on technically sound, fast sets. Consider the question: How fast can you move 225 pounds with good technique? Go heavy, but also shoot to move the weight quickly, versus just grinding through 10 reps.

– Aim for percentages to be between 50-60% of your best 1-rep.

– Each set is meant to be unbroken. Feel free to rest with the bar at the top of the deadlift, but you should not have to let go of it at any point.

– Rest 2-3 minutes between sets.

Weighted Pull-ups (- STRENGTH III –
7 sets:
3 weighted pull-ups
– Rest 1:00-2:00 between sets.)

– Increase loading across as many sets as possible, however, it is ok to perform the same weight for multiple sets.

– Use a dumbbell, a medicine ball, a vest, or a weight belt to add weight to the pull-ups.

– If you are not able to perform a pull-up under your own power, look to find the smallest assistance band possible that allows to you perform three smooth and controlled reps.

– SKILL I – (10 Rounds for reps)

10 sets:

:30 max-reps strict handstand push-ups

1:00 rest

– Maintain consistent set sizes.

– Avoid pushing to failure.

– Hold back on your effort in the first set. Prioritize increasing your set size vs. pushing to failure early on.

– Build your gymnastic pressing endurance and your awareness of your ability with this movement.


– Strict handstand push-up: Pike push-up, dumbbell strict press, handstand push-up negative

– STAMINA I – (Time)

10 sets for time:

225/300-meter row

– Rest 1:00 between sets.

– Score your slowest round.

– Keep each interval under 1:20.

– Maintain the same pace across all intervals.

– If you cannot complete multiple sets of the 225/300-meter distance in under 1:20, scale back the distances by 50-75 meters.

– Today’s session is about developing consistency. Ideally, you want to maintain the same pace across all distances.


– Row: 300-meter run, 700/500-meter bike