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Metcon (3 Rounds for reps)

With a 3:00 running clock:

500m Row, then:

AMRAP Push Press (95/65)

*rest 2:00*

With a 3:00 clock:

500m Row, then:

AMRAP Devils Press (2-35/25)

*rest 2:00*


With a 3:00 running clock:

500m Row, then:

AMRAP DB Goblet Squats

Rx+ 110/80, 50/35 DB
*barbell received from the ground

Bright Spot

500m Row (Time)

Max Effort 500m Row

Push Press

Devils Press

Goblet Squat

Intended Response

Short time-priority cues us to approach this with intense effort, as rest periods are almost as long as work periods.

Our goal is to row at a pace just under our max effort (think 85-90%) so we can conserve energy for the work to follow, which is what ultimately determines our score. We want to get off the rower breathing hard but with control, so we can immediately pick up the barbell/DB. Think about a powerful leg drive on the pull, then recovering on the way in. Keep your arms out of the equation as much as possible – instead let your legs/hips do most of the work on these movements.

With the time left on the clock find a quick, steady pace to accumulate reps. The weight should feel light enough that many reps can be cycled without dropping. Most importantly, we want to prioritize sound functional movement.

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