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Front Squat (5×3)

Beginning at around 50%, athletes are to perform 5 sets of 3 tempo front squats

Tempo: 32X1

– 3-second lowering (eccentric) phase

– 2-seconds spent in the bottom of the squat

– X or ‘explosive’ ascending (concentric) phase

– 1-second pause at the top before next rep

Rest :90 between sets

Coach may choose to count out the tempo for athletes all together. Athletes are to choose their own load for these, but use 50% as a starting point

Aim for using the same weight for all 5 sets

In order to ensure using the correct count, use ‘1-one thousand, 2-two thousand, 3-three thousand’ etc


DU’s/Row 1min split (7 Rounds for reps)

With a running clock for 14 min:

Odd minutes Row @85%

Even minutes AMRAP of sets of 5 Unbroken DU’s
SU 1:1 – amrap in sets of 5

Score each round; work towards maintaining a similar rep count for each of the 7 rounds of DUs

Bright Spot



Tempo training can be a helpful tool for lifting mechanics. Quality of movement should be our first priority, and once that is mastered we can add intensity. Proper tempo execution can help athletes develop awareness and body control by giving them an opportunity to ‘feel’ which muscle groups are activating to keep them in proper positions.

Intended Response

Front Squat 5×3: This tempo prescription will force us to SLOW DOWN. Athletes should consider this when choosing their load. Main focus is body awareness, proper mechanics and correct movement through the entire squat.

DU/Row: High aerobic rowing capacity and jump rope will elevate the heart immediately and keep it there for the duration. Quick transitions between rope and rower. Focus on breathing pattern and relaxing during double-unders.

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