CrossFit – Thu, Jun 6

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100 Burpees to Target (Time)

– RX –

For time:

100 burpees to a target

– Target 6 inches above reach.
Coaches Notes:

-12:00 or less

-Short grunt-work style workout

-Movement volume at about 10 times what athletes can perform in 1:00

Stretching (No Measure)


1:00 banded shoulder stretch/side

1:00 reach, roll, and lift

Back Rack Lunge (For load:
Back rack lunge
– Max reps on the last set.)

– Find a heavy set of 6 alternating back rack lunges for the day.

– Use the same load for sets 4 and 5, but go for more than 6 reps in that final set without pushing to failure.

– Use a rack to get the barbell to your back rack.