Zombie Apocalypse


Zombie Apocalypse

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Zombie Apocalypse (Time)

800 m run

20 DU/ 60 SU

40 Air Squats

60 sit ups

40 push ups/ 60 knee push ups if you can’t do regular

20 pull ups/ 30 ring rows if you can’t do pull ups

400 m run
If you START as the only zombie hit Rx +, Humans are Rx. The Zombie will start 2-3 minutes behind the living (depending on how fast the class zombie is).

Zombies vs Humans.

1 person starts out as a zombie. The rest of the class are the last living humans. If you are a zombie you must catch at least 1 person or you must do 25 burpees at the end of the workout. If you are alive and human and you get caught by any zombie you must do 15 burpees at the end of the workout. If you are alive and caught you also must do 3 burpees right then. Then continue the workout but you have now been turned into a zombie. You must try and catch someone and turn them into a zombie. If you fail to catch anyone you must do an additional 10 burpees along with the 15 burpees you were caught! May the odds be ever in your favor…

If you are a zombie note how many ppl you caught/ ate…