Yvonne Young


Yvonne Young

yvonneGood Morning!!!! This morning , i am going to talk about amazing individual Yvonne Matheny Young!

Yvonne started at garage back in May and got in touch with Ayse about Nutrition Coaching. She has already lost quite bit of weight before starting with us. But this post is not about her how much weight she lost. Indeed a lot.

She does what she puts her mind to, mom of 5, loves her motorcycle.

Today I want to talk about her discipline , willingness to change , staying determined and making a switch to become stronger & healthier version of herself. She did it all for herself.

She started Lifting weights in small steps. She did “planks” on her knees , push ups on her knees. She back squat only a bar , she sled pulled with No weight. 10 minute of row was enough. She would come to the gym 4 to 5 days a week. She’d asked Ayse many questions not just about nutrition. Every week , she return to me her food journal and she admits she did have some good and bad choices. We worked through it, fixed it , adjust it.

Today , She can do regular push ups , she can hold plank without being on her knees, she can Deadlift , squat , bench press , power clean and many more movements with weight.

She lost 8 dress sizes , 4.5 inches off hip , and 26 pounds!!!! She has a goal to participate at a power-lifting competition!

You are an great inspiration to your children , to me , all the people around you!! You rock!!!!

– Ayse