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Hate the gym…. but really want to get your health and fitness back?

We are looking for those ready to transform their life

without stepping into a gym.

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We meet you at your current abilities and coach you from there to increase your health and fitness.  We will only utilize equipment and facilities (like parks, trails, etc) that are easy for you to access.  We will connect with you daily for instruction, motivation and to make those small steps that lead to large successes


  • Are you able to sweat at least 3 times per week?
  • Are you willing to talk about your nutrition?
  • Will you help us set new habits with you for 90 days?
  • Do you want to set goals?
  • Are you willing to post your “bright spots” each Friday?
  • Do you know your “why”?  Why do you care to get healthy and fit anyways?
  • Not looking to lose weight? No problem. We encourage all types of transformations.
  • We are happy, humble, helpful people looking to be healthy and fit now and well into our 90s.  Does this sound like who you want to be?

Andy McCann

Owner of Woodstock Fit, home of CrossFit Garage

We found CrossFit Garage back in 2007 while trying to balance training, work and family. Turned out it was true. You really can use CrossFit to train for 24 hour wilderness races. One key is coaching.  If you are not a fan of the gym atmosphere, then now thanks to technology you can take your coach anywhere. Start your journey on your own turf and time.

Get control of your life BACK!  Your Life, Your Location.

schedule a 15min chat with a coach

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