WOD – Wednesday, January 27, 2009


WOD – Wednesday, January 27, 2009

GG event 3

Sandbag Carry
120# up a hill, 10 cleans, run it down the hill, drop it and dead-lift 315# 20 times
-Adv Women: 80# and 205# DL
-Int Men: 80# and 225# DL
-Int Women: 50# and 135# DL
-Beg Men: 50# and 185# DL
-Beg Women: 35# and 115# DL

We dont have enough sandbags at the right weight (we have 1 at 80#)

so use assorted dumbbells to get as close to the weight as possible.

Run to the building behind us (yeah a very tiny hill).  do the Cleans.  Floor to shoulders.  Carry them back. do the DLs


Guess what we made today!


First MU on our new rings