WOD, Sunday, October 3, 2010


WOD, Sunday, October 3, 2010

Bruce’s Sunday Surpirse!!

Just show up and see what happens!!!!  Here’s a hint, it might look something like the post below.

Body-weight boot camp
This is a 21 minute 95%+ effort MetCon designed to stress your endurance. The exercise movement changes every 30 seconds so that you never stop due to muscle fatigue.

Warmup – 800m run – Skip with overhead and side to side arm swings on the up-hill segment.

Set up a round timer to beep every 30 seconds (or coach watches the clock); perform each movement for 30 seconds at a pace that will nearly exhaust you in 30 seconds; every 30 seconds the coach calls out the next movement (you will get CF brain) which you transition to without stopping.
Perform in a circle (outside or on the mats) so that anyone who slows or stops will be seen and encouraged by all.
7 rounds
Mountain climbers
Ladder climbs

Scoring – coach ranks the sweat puddles by volume or (optional) count total reps if you can do it in your head – no stopping to record reps.