WOD – Sunday , May 8, 2011


WOD – Sunday , May 8, 2011

Warm-up:  Run 400m, 2 rounds of:  10 push-ups, 10 sit-ups, 10 pull-ups, 10 back extensions, 30 second Samson Stretch

Skill:  Deadlift


Here’s a mainstite WOD from 2003.  Notice they are congratulating their second woman into the Muscle-up Club. 

Complete 10 rounds of:
Deadlift 1 rep
12 Push-ups

Divide deadlift weight by time to completion in seconds.  Work up to as heavy of  a deadlift as possible without taking any more rest than necessary to load the bar.  Post results to comments.


Enlarge image

Erin Pearce became the second female to join the ranks of Olympian Eva Twardokens in the Muscle-up Club. Congratulations, Erin!