WOD – Strength WOD, Tuesday, March 13, 2012


WOD – Strength WOD, Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Strength: Press 5X5 – Work up to a 5RM.  Again do not fail.

This will be the same basic format you started yesterday’s strength cycle with.

Set 1 – 40% 1RM

Set 2 –  50% 1RM

Set 3 – 65% 1RM

Set 4 – 75% 1RM

Set 5 -75% 1RM

Most of you do not know your 1RM for the press.  Just make sure that you pick a weight on your final 2 sets that will be tough but that you are pretty certain you will be able to achieve 5 reps for.  Next week you will increase the weight based on how easily you accomplished the sets this week.  For the press you will make smaller jumps than you do for the squat.  The stronger athletes will be making 5-10lb jumps while the lighter/less strong athletes might make 1-2 lb jumps each week.

Here’s another great video of Eric!!  This time he’s inspiring us to press.