WOD – Saturday, December 31, 2011 – TEAM 9:30am


WOD – Saturday, December 31, 2011 – TEAM 9:30am

TEAM WOD – 9:30am

We will pick teams to have relatively even distribution of fitness from 4-6 members per team, with audience participation in selecting the WOD.

Call Out Session – if your team draws correctly, you will get to pick one of the WOD from the Call Out WOD’s below to challenge your opposing team (scaling will apply based on whom you pick for this section).  Teams will draw numbers, which determine what team you compete against, as well as whether or not you pick the WOD.  Once we determine HOW MANY teams, the numbers will be posted on the board.

After the Call Out Session – the WOD will be run with all members of the team in order accomplishing couplet movements until complete.

Call Out WOD’s (two people per team) – WOD’s can only be chosen one time (if there are more than 6 teams we will recycle).

1. Team Members Alternate (A/B listed below)

A-Run 200M, B-20 box jumps (24″/20″ – scaled = 14 jumps/steps at 20″)
A-25 pull-ups (female – 15 pullups, scaled = 30 jumping pull-ups), B-50 double unders (scaled – 75 singles)

2. Team Members Work together switching as often as they like (both members must be the same RX or scaled)

Row 1000M (scaled  – 700M), 20 – 55# thrusters/25# women (scaled – 35#/15#)

3. Team Members Alternate (A/B listed below)

A-20 burpees (scaled – 14), B-20 KB Swings (2/1.5 pood – scaled = 1pood/20#)
A-2 rope climbs (scaled – 30 jumping pull-ups), B-20 box jumps (24″/20″ – scaled = 14 jumps/steps at 20″)

The WOD’s are DONE the moment one team wins (losing team does not have to complete work).  The moment the last winner is determined, the clock will be reset and the TEAM WOD will begin.

Teams that win the call out will have a 1 minute bonus on their overall score below.


Components to be determined by participants tomorrow, bring your ideas.  Teams will work in groups of 4-6, so rep counts, numbers of bars/ropes/dumbbells/etc to be determined by the team sizes.  You must work in”couplet” order, accomplishing each couplet of work before moving on.  So if the first couplet is jump ropes with kettlebells, you can accomplish both of those in any order, and move on to the next couplet once the first one is done.

1. Double Unders and ___

2. Pull-ups and ___

3. GHD Sit-ups and ___

4. Air Squats and ___

5. Walking Lunges and ___

6. 200M Runs and ___


We will fill in the six unknowns based on your recommendations in the AM!  Open to all comers, this will be fun, as we will arrange each couplet in specific areas so that you can tell where each team is in the gauntlet.

Team WOD back in the early days!