WOD – Monday, March 16, 2009


WOD – Monday, March 16, 2009

March 22nd Event Training – “Josh WOD Practice”

Run 400M
21 – 65# Overhead Squats (45# for women)
21 – Pull-ups
Run 400M
15 – 65# Overhead Squats
15 – Pull-ups
Run 400M
9 – 65# Overhead Squats
9 – Pull-ups

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The Overhead position is significantly easier to maintain at depth when in a split position, than in a parallel “squat” position.  Today’s WOD involves squat stance.  Widen the position of your feet to make it easier to attain depth, and fight to bring your shoulders back.  Flexibility in the hip, pelvis and lumbar spine, as well as flexibility in the shoulder girdle are NECESSARY to achieve depth in this movement.

Improve the former through “Squat Therapy” (ask your coach to show you), and the latter can be improved through close grip bar hangs, or muscle ups with your toes on a box behind your body.