WOD – Monday, April 1, 2013


WOD – Monday, April 1, 2013


Back Squat 1RM



Questions about how to warm up for max effort have become pretty common recently so here is some food for thought.

Getting ready for a Max out day is not as easy and running and air squats you need to be able to put your body into the correct position and then prime your Nervous System. After at least 3-5 minutes of aerobic activity to raise body temperature and some dynamic mobility work, you will start with an empty bar. Several sets of 5-8 should be enough to tell your body that this is what it needs to do today. After that depending on your ballpark goal, you will load the bar with smaller rep sets until you reach heavy singles and finally your goal weight for that session. Remember you don’t have to have an exact number that you want to hit to max out, but it does help.

Let’s say your current PR is 250# for the back squat. Your sets may look like this:

2 sets of 5-8 @ Bar

1 x 5 @95 (30-40%)

1 x 3 @135 (50-60%)

1 x 1 @185 (70-80%)

1 x 1 @225 (90%)

1 x 1 @245 (95+)

1 x 1 @ 255 (100+)


If you make your PR attempt, depending on your RPE (Relative Perceived Effort) you may choose to continue to add weight for additional sets. This is fine as long as your PR was executed with proper form and you feel as though it was less than max effort. ALWAYS TELL A COACH WHEN ATTEMPTING A PR AND LISTEN TO THEIR FEEDBACK!!




10 Minute AMRAP


8 Pistols

10 Pushups


– GHD Scale is 2:1 Ratio V-ups or 3:1 Ratio situps

– Coaches will determine individual scaling for pistols