WOD – December 24, 2011 – Christmas Eve NOON


WOD – December 24, 2011 – Christmas Eve NOON

The WOD –  Teams Of Four

100 – Dead-lifts
100 – Front Squat (no racks)
100 – Sumo DLHP
100 – Shoulder to Overhead

1000 Double Unders (3000 Singles)

While Rowing 5,000M  (scaled = 4,000M)

Work in any order with ONE bar and ONE rower per team.
RX: 4 – Male team = 135# bar, drop 10# for every female teammate (4 – female team = 95# bar), and drop 5 reps per movement per female (4 – female team = 80 reps of all bar movements), drop 50 double unders per female, and 100M of rowing per female.
Scaled: 4 – Male team = 95#, same reductions as above except 150 single unders are dropped per female.

OUR GOAL – have a few committed RX teams of different mixes, have a few committed Scaled teams, and allow anyone who needs to scale in unique ways, to do that.  We are testing this Team WOD for GG ONE Team Competition.

SCORING – Teams will be picked on site.  Every team needs a name, we will input your score on site to have it immediately populate a web based spreadsheet.  Also testing this system for use at GG ONE.


Andy, Curtis and Eric – before the 30 hour carnage in Cadiz KY.