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Warm-up (No Measure)

3 Rounds:

10 Scap Pull-ups/Kip Swings/Big Kip Swings

:30/side Spiderman Lunge/Quad Pull/Pass Throughs

3 Inchworm-to-Cobra


L-Sit Progression EMOM 12 (Time)

Min 1: L-Sit Progression

Min 2: Rest
Accumulate time in an L-Sit progression every other minute; rest every other minute

– log longest holding version of the L-Sit/describe in Notes


Weighted Hand Release Hollow (Time)


Weighted Sit-ups (25/15 plate)

Hand-Release Push-ups

**30-second accumulated Hollow Hang in between rounds**

Rx+ Deficit Push-ups (hands on bumper plates)
Four total Hollow Hangs

Cool Down

1:00/Side Barbell Forearm Smash

1:00 Knees to Side Lumbar Stretch/Side


Bright Spot


Weighted Sit-ups

Hand-Release Push-ups

Hollow Hang

Deficit Push-ups

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