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3 rounds

100m row

10 banded pull downs (tricept)

10 push up shoulder taps

10 light db press

followed by:

arm circles

hug yourself


20 min to work on these 2 skills for the WOD and prep your space


db on boxes feet on the floor

db on boxes feet on a box

Rings jump and hold

Rings jump and slowly descend

swap matador as needed for above

Handstand Walk

Kick up some, no wall

Kick up to wall, tap, down

kick up and hold

hold and shift weight on shoulders

hold and lift hands up a bit

Toes on a box, bent, hands walk around box

HS walk into the wall a few steps

no wall, kick up with friend support

no wall, walk with friend support

HS walk


amrap 18 row HS kbs dips (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

AMRAP 18 min:

500m row (100 = 1 rep)
60 sec Handstand Walk/Hold (scale to hardest progression) = 6 reps
12 American KBs 53/35#
6 Ring/Matador Dips (scale to hardest progression)

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