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Short line drills – 6 mats down, jog back to start:

– Lunge with a Twist

– Ham Scoops

– Broad Jump + Vertical Jump

– Alternating Side Lunges

– High knees (accumulate 30)

– Butt Kicks (accumulate 30)

Followed by (light)

10 db push ups

10 db clean

10 db jerks


Squat Clean

for 15 min, 3 sets of 5 reps, building each time. If possible on the last set try for 5+ reps.

How did it feel Friday? What tip did you get to work on? Can you commit to pulling under the bar?


Remember to bring long sleaves for tomorrow’s stone wod

EMOM bent over row db clean jerk (AMRAP – Reps)

EMOM for 9 min:

1 min – bent over row 55% of 1 RM
2 min – DB clean 50/35#
3 min – DB jerk

BOR ~ 85#/ 55#
add weight to notes


Bent Over Row

Bent over row has a DL like hinge and the bar does not touch the floor,conversly the pendlay row is flat back bar touching the floor

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