Why all the short WODs?


Why all the short WODs?

The gym has made some noticeable changes to our programming lately. Here are two big ones, and why we made them.

1. Structured 6 week strength cycles

2. More short metcons

Why have we made these changes? The gains for that have been made from our new strength program are clear and since we love lists, here are some reasons:

– Using linear progression leads to huge improvements in beginner athletes. No one at the gym is above an intermediate weightlifter (not even Travis), and it works great for them too.

– Repeating strength WODs makes it easy to track progress.

– Focusing on foundational lifts is crucial in developing as an athlete, preventing injury, and increasing capacities in metcons and the more advanced lifts. Proper back squat = better everything.

– Competition! Don’t act you don’t check the board or the website to see how much other people are lifting. That’s a good thing, by striving to beat one another we keep motivating each other to work harder and never stagnate.


Short metcons do a few very good things. Training the glycolytic (medium) pathway breeds improvement in the other two energy pathways, phosphagen (short) and oxidative (long). This is part of the magic of CrossFit, and why we can complete much longer tasks without training for hours and hours. Intensity is key to gaining fitness and staying healthy and functional. With that in mind, short metcons have to be intense, and they require keen focus to complete to the best of your ability. There is no room for error, and this is excellent stimulus for your body and mind. Most real life situations that require you to use your fitness happen fast and furious, and you need to be fast to get you and your family out of danger. Sounds like a pretty functional skill to us.


Wes & Simon