Wednesday, April 7

Crossfit Garage – CrossFit

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2:00 Easy row or bike

Wrist Stretches, then:

2 Rounds:

10 Pass Throughs

10 PVC Around the Worlds

5/5 Leg Swings

10 Abmat Sit-ups

10 (light) KB Goblet Squats


EMOM x 12

Minute 1: 2 Power Clean + Jerks (Building)

Minute 2: 2 Squat Snatches (Building)

*log heaviest 1×2 for each in Bright Spots below*

Clean and Jerk



‘Serena’ (Time)

3 Rounds:

10 Bar-Facing Burpees

8 Power Clean + Jerk (135/95)

5 Squat Snatch

10 Minute Cap
The first workout in this month’s ‘Wonder Women’ Series, today spotlights tennis star Serena Williams. In honor of Serena’s 23 individual grand slam titles, we have 23 reps per round.

Bright Spot

Power Clean

Push Jerk

Split Jerk

Power Snatch

Cool Down

1:00 Feet up the Wall

1:00 Hands on Wall Prison Stretch

1:00/side Pigeon Stretch

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