Updates and Help


Updates and Help


– wow its warm in that gym.  who ever did the top level engineering of those fans must have come from outerspace, he’s so smart.

– Wes and Duane (LL) are working out details for the new space in that end unit.  The move most likely wont happen till March

– If you use the play room, then please take a few minutes to clean up after your kids.

– Remember to clean up your work out area when you are finished.  Rack weights and bars, wipe down bars and balls (windex solution and paper towel) etc etc

– If whipped at the end of a wod and you see a water with someone else’s initials on it, drink it fast so they wont see what happened
– If you are drinking the bottled water and not paying the $1, then you need to bring in a case a month to resupply.

– Remember to sign up for the garage games as a competitor or a volunteer.  Its our event and other affiliates have more folks sign up than we do.  Its going to be an awesome event.

– Larry J is going to get level 1 certified

– Aubrey C is looking to create a crossfit kids option


– If you have ideas about how to improve the gym or the crossfit experience please let us know

– if you are interested in running an assisted wod class or becoming a coach, let us know

– if you have ideas on ways to market/advertise the gym, let us know

– if you are interested in bartering your membership in order to advertise/market our gym, let us know.

– if you have a talent beyond laying in your own pool of sweat that you could use to help the gym be better, let us know.  We do barter for services rendered.

– if you can help me spell that would be awesome

– if you wish we had other class time options, let me know