Spring Break Week 4/4 – 4/10

Spring break is coming and loads of you and your coaches have vacation plans.  This week might get messy but we are working on it.

Please adjust the calendar so we know who is gone that week.  We will delete a few classes if we cant cover them.  So pay attention


You have 3 options when it comes to water.  Bring your own, use the faucet, OR use a bottle. if you use a bottle you have 2 options, pay 1 dollar to the jar or bring in a case each month to replace what you are taking.  IF you decide to bring the case in the please refill the fridge too.  IF you pay the buck, then I’ll do it for you.


Assisted WOD classes AKA “open gym”

You are only allowed in these classes if you have emailed ERIC and he has give you the thumbs ups.



Please continue to use the calendar and make it accurate.  We are looking to eliminated the 2 AM classes if attendance stays low.  We are looking to add some evening classes.

If you have a class time you’d like please let us know.  If we cant get a coach there, then maybe you can do an “assisted wod” class.


NO spitting

I forgot to mention this one.  Definitely NO spitting on the gym floor.  Thats what God made outside for.