Travis Mayer


Travis Mayer


As March ends and April kicks off you will see more of Travis in the AM classes.  Travis has had stellar success with CrossFit over the years.  Moving out of the globo-gym personal training world into an environment that even I could beat him in wasn’t easy. But after only 3 short months he was crushing the entire gym.

In the months after that, Travis dedicated himself to CrossFit.  He added the CrossFit level 1 certification to his other trainer certifications, he hired his own gymnastic coach,  he even traveled all over the southeast to train with/against some of the best there are.  He has made crossfit not just a passion but a life choice.  From this passion he turned the Garage Games Series into a one man show winning 7 of our 24 events to become the southeast’s overall winner.

Recently he took up the opportunity to co-run CF Marietta with Justin Saxon.  At the same time he has stepped up to the plate here at the Garage to become our first paid coach.

Try to catch a “Travis class” when you can.  His dedication to intensity and desire for you to grow is obvious, and its contagious.