Total Food Makeover


Total Food Makeover


Tomorrow Night, Total Food Makeover starts at HealthSprout!  The 40 day Makeover is focused on killing your sugar addiction, and balancing your leptin/insulin receptors in your body.  If you have come from a cultural diet, and never completely killed your sugar addiction, it is time!  Or if you have, and then slipped back into the high sugar lifestyle (grains, fruits, other sugars); then now is your time to get back on track.

The first class is open to everyone, should you choose to go forward after this class, then the cost is $40.  Be one of the next to lose 5% bodyfat in 40 days, or join the few who have lost over 40lbs in that same time… eating as much as you want.  It isn’t caloric restriction, it is hormonal healing.

[email protected] to get on the registration page, meeting Monday night, 10/3 at 7PM at HealthSprout:

180 Towne Lake Parkway
Woodstock, GA 30188