Team WOD and Nutrition Challenge Launch … 3/13 sunday 2pm


Team WOD and Nutrition Challenge Launch … 3/13 sunday 2pm


Everyone is invited to both events (not just members)

We are planning to have a cool event for yall on 3/13 Sunday at 2pm.

The team WOD will start at 2pm.

We will create teams at the event.  It will be done on a ranking system of dead lifts and 400m times.

for example, if there are 50 folks there then the person with the biggest DL will get 50 points while the smallest person gets 1point.  The fastest 400m time gets 50 and the slowest person 1 point.  You add your points up (Eric would have about 99 points) and you must create a team of 3 with a total combine points of less than 120.  This means Eric could not team up with Travis and Laura B. b/c those 3 would have a combine total score near 290 or so.

This way we average out all the teams.


After the Team WOD we’ll do our “Nutrition Challenge Launch” about 3:30pm

We will give a short review of our 3 main nutrition plans

Eric – Healing Diet

Wes – Zone

Donovan – Paleo

We will then move into a basic Q/A session and hear stories from folks that have or are using these diets/nutrition plans.

After this we will break up in to 3 groups (1 for each plan) and cover more details and offer advice and such.

We will have places on our forum to chat about each plan and to keep you accountable.  Our goal is to get you extremely well committed for the following 3 months, and hopefully get you settled into a lifestyle from there.

This Challenge will last 3 months!!!! perfect timing for the beach or the pool or wresting clothes.

The cost for each is nothing and anyone can join us.  Bring friends… or even folks you hate.