Snatch Karen Partner


Snatch Karen Partner

Crossfit Garage, Crossfit Towne Lake – CrossFit

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Coach’s Choice (No Measure)

hit areas of body use in the strength/skill and WOD sections


30 Power snatch (Time)

30 Power snatches for time
Use same weight as the 20 Squat snatches for time workout from last thursday.


Partner Karen (Time)

In Co-ed teams of two, you will complete 150 alternating wall ball shots for time
Unless class makes it impossible, you MUST have a partner of the opposite sex.

You must do a wallball and your team mate must catch it for the rep to count, they will then do a wall ball and you must catch it for that rep to count.

20lb. for RX
14/12 for SX

Yes, both Males and Females will be using the same weight for the ball.

Cool down