Simon takes on the challenge


Simon takes on the challenge


When you see Simon give him the high five.  He has, with eagerness, accepted our challenge to make the gym better in all ways.  As the General Manager he will be working closely with me to do the things, I’ve done so/so job at, a whole lot better.  You’ll see us both doing 1 on 1 intros, coaching coaches, eating swords, and more.

As many of you long timers know, the 4 owners have a hard time in this specific area of “general gym management”.  With the abilities, ideas, and barefootedness that Simon brings to the table I bet we double the size of the gym in 12 months and have to move in to a new super cool facility with mirrors on the walls and TVs on the ceilings (just kidding)

Thank you Simon for taking on this challenge.

Please help us support him in this.

-ACoach Simon

Coach Simon