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Benefits of SeniorFit

  • Maintain independence and self-reliance, reduce feelings of isolation, improve mood
  • Increase overall health: improve heart and brain function, increase bone density, reduce risk of stroke and diabetes
  • Improve mobility, flexibility and balance, reduce the risk of falls/injury
  • Improve cognition/slow cognitive decline, build new brain pathways
  • Enhance quality of life, improve sleep, increase sex drive, regain active lifestyle
  • Enrich your life, make new friends, be part of a community
Steps to a Better Life

Step 1: Understand Where You Are

In Step 1, we work with you to identify key areas you need to work on. This is best done during movement instruction and practice as well as short workouts.

Step 2 : Create A Plan

In Step 2, you and your coach will create a plan for successfully tackling your current issues. This step does take a lot of time and as you cross one item off your list we’ll begin looking for the next one.

Step 3: Journey to Success

In Step 3, you will work day by day to overcome and thrive. Investing in yourself is tough but valuable. Done properly in small increments each day, you’ll see high yields when viewed in the long term

Our goal is to help empower you to a better more full life. We will help you gain mobility, strength, flexibility, endurance and over all health and fitness using the CrossFit model.

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