Schedule Changes, Fundamentals Class, and Labor Day


Schedule Changes, Fundamentals Class, and Labor Day

Schedule Changes: 

This is it. The never before seen, all new, refurbished, and slightly used morning classes! All  the morning classes (except 5:30am) will start at 15 past the hour and we are adding a 7:15am class. We don’t know if anyone will be able to come to that one but we figured we would put it in there anyway. Here is what the morning looks like starting September 10:

Start date September 10. Evening classes will stay the same for now.




We will also be launching our Fundamentals program on September 10. This is a 3 week program that will teach the basics of CrossFit to all new members. Athletes (yes, you are all athletes) coming from another CrossFit gym or the NFL (not the NBA) are able to by-pass the program if they meet coach approval. More importantly to our current athletes, if you are still in your first 3 months at the Garage  you can sign up for Fundamentals to solidify your skills and aid in building a strong fitness base. To do that talk to Simon or Justin about when the next class will be taking place. Here are some bullet points to make all this simple.

– When: Scheduled as needed. The time of day and the days of the week can be adjusted to fit the group.

– How long: 3 days a week for 3 weeks. 9 classes total.

– What will I learn: Deadlift, kipping pullups, squat clean, snatch, rowing, double unders… this list goes on. You will also learn a little about why CrossFit works and how to keep improving every day. We always want to get better!

– What is the cost: $0 plus tax. Whether you are just joining or are a current member the cost is included in your regular membership.


Labor Day:

Monday September 3, Labor Day, we will only have 1 WOD at 9:00am. It will be a team WOD for members only this time.