Rumble By The River


Rumble By The River

The Box with the most athletes at Rumble By The River gets this flag... help us bring it home and sign up today!

Rumble By The River will be one of the best competitions held in the Garage Games Series this year.  With options for masters, scaled, two person teams (of any sex, M/F, M/M, F/F) and RX, this TWO DAY EVENT is going to be great!

Andy and Simon are competing, Wes, Shane and Eric will be helping, and Wyndi and Justin will be there with the GG Merchandise.  Columbus GA is one of the coolest cities in GA, often overlooked in the GA tourism world, it is an awesome place to visit, and with a DOWNTOWN competition, this is going to be sweet!

June 11-12th

Get Registered today, the competition is for EVERY level of athlete!