Rocky Road

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Metcon (Time)

In teams of two, complete the following for time.

Buy-in: 75 T2B

50 Stone Cleans

400 m Run

100 m Front Rack Lunges (2×35/20# KB)

400 m Run

150 WBS 20/14

400 m Run

100 m KB Overhead Carry

400 m Run

50 Stone Cleans

Cash Out: 75 Bicycles
Rx+ uses 53/35# KBs

Both partners must run the 400 m run and both must finish before moving on!

All other work must be done with one person working at a time.

Do not go too heavy on the stone cleans. We do not practice them enough to get really heavy here. If you want something heavy pick heavier kettle bells for the lunges and carries.