Rick Wildermuth


Rick Wildermuth

rick wildermuthThis week’s Garage Spotlight Member is Richard Wildermuth.

Name: Richard Allen Wildermuth, Rick…Known by some as “Beast” due to last name…lol

Tell us about yourself. Where are you from and how did you get here? I was born in Seoul Korea (South) in 1975 and became a US citizen in 1988, I was adopted and came to the US at an early age. I met my wife, Megan Wildermuth, in college…”the girl next door”…lol, and then we found our way to GA. Megan is from the area and that’s the short story…lol

How long have you been a member at The Garage?I have been a member of the Garage since 2014.

How did you find The Garage? I found the garage because Megan and I were done with the whole “Globo Fit” thing and looking for something different.

What do you like about working out at The Garage? I love the garage for the community and the way working out feels like it did when I was back in the Army.

What do you do for a living? I’m a Police Officer for the wonderful City of Woodstock.

What are your hobbies and interests?I’m an outdoor nut, so I like to fish (saltwater), hunt, hike…well just about anything outdoors…lol.

What is something interesting about you most people don’t know? I’m a certified personal trainer with a degree in exercise science…if I was not a police officer, I would be a physical therapist.

Favorite food(s)? I like a lot of things, but I always crave Korean (mom’s cooking)…lol

Favorite music to workout to? I like working out to Techno (must be fast…no trance) because of the beats.

Favorite WOD, lift or skill? Murph is my favorite WOD because of what it stands for and I love to SNATCH.

WOD, lift or skill you never ever want to do again? All WODs are evil…that’s why we love them…lol…plus Griffin would just make a WOD of the movement I dislike.

What’s your proudest CrossFit achievement to date? My proudest Crossfit achievement is being more consistent. Can’t get better without putting in the work.

What’s on your bucket list? Or what are some goals you are trying to accomplish? (either at the gym or otherwise). I would like to compete in the Master’s division of the games someday…but for now…I’m just trying to be the best husband/father I can be.

Anything else you want to include? If you wanna know more about me, all you have to do is ask….I’ve done a lot…lol

If you were trapped on a deserted island, what three things would you want with you? If trapped on a deserted Island…my wife and kids…does that count for three?…Only other thing I would need is a good knife, and we would be the next Swiss family Robinson…lol