Remastered 14.3 open


Remastered 14.3 open

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Remastered 14.3 open (AMRAP – Reps)

Deadlift Ladder 10 min AMRAP:

10 DL 135/95

15 WB sit ups 20/14

15 DL 185/125

15 WB sit ups

20 DL 225/155

15 WBS

25 DL 255/185

15 WBS

30 DL 285/205

15 WBS

35 DL 315/225

15 WBS
Warm your back and core up. There are a lot of deadlifts. Make a plan on where you think you will end up based on your max and shoot for it. Coaches watch for rounded backs. If you cannot make it past the 2 round of deadlifts or you hit a wall before 10 minutes. Go back to the begginning and continue.

*For a scaled option, start at 50% of your 1RM and add 5% each time


Dumbell Shoulder Lateral Raise (3 x 12)

nuetral grip (dumbells horizontal to the ground/ not vertical). Raise dumbells to shoulder height with a slightly bent elbow
This is not meant to be heavy, it is for recovery and injury prevention by strengthening the smaller shoulder muscles. Most of you will use 10 lbs or less in each hand.

Straight bar curls (3×12)

full range of motion. Use DB’s if straight bar bothers your wrists
use the same weight for all three sets. Strengthen those Biceps!!!