As I mentioned in the last update post, Simon is making a lot of progress with the coaches in delivering a better fitness package to you.  You’ll notice him all over the place during the next few months.  He’ll be coaching the coaches and assisting in classes.  The changes he makes in us will not often be dramatic, but they will be aimed at the goal of making everyone at the gym fitter, and more functional.

Part of these changes will include bringing in lots of new faces to the gym. These folks won’t notice much of a difference as they’ll be getting our better offering right from the get go.  Remember how awkward it was when you started?  Clean and what?  What in the heck is he doing on those rings? We were all new at one point.  Please continue to help us bring the new members into our community. We also know that part of what makes this gym wonderful is that family element, help keep it strong as we grow. Don’t be afraid to go out of your way to engage someone that you don’t yet know. Community is a great way to increase your fitness level through commitment and accountability.

In order to increase your fitness level significantly you must be committed to what you are doing. That comes in many forms, one being showing up, and showing up often. We love seeing our family (you!) at the gym 5 times a week because that is a big step towards the life changing health (and performance for all of you competitors) benefits that The Garage has to offer.

Now I realize that some of us (me included) are doing CF to increase our endurance for big races (in my case Adventure Racing).  So you might not quite buy in to using CF as the sole or major training method for getting better at racing.  On that note, I want to point out that Laura, Curtis, Eric, and I have all been doing CF and only CF for the last few years and we have all completed with success and decent rankings 24 hour Adventure Races.  I’m not saying don’t go run, swim, bike, etc.  I’m just saying FAT ANDY kicked some major buttox using just crossfit.  If this doesn’t say something, well, then I’ll just type some more.

The coaching schedule will change a bit over the next month

On 5/1 we’ll be rolling out our new membership packages which will have a price increase.  But let me restate what I said last week, everyone at the gym will be grandfathered in with the current prices.  So nothing will change for you.  Our desire with this is to increase everyone’s fitness, to pay coaches and pay our General Manager better.  I’ll have an entire post deticated to this once we finalize it.