Outside the gym events


Outside the gym events


Some of us use CF to be fit.  Some of us use CF so they can play harder.

Either way CF is the way to go!

We’ve had several folks join up in the last few months and I thought it would be appropriate to start a post and thread about the things we do outside of CrossFit.

Most of you know that our gym hosts the Garage Games and the Garage Games Event Series, but for those that dont, check out our page here.  Essentially the GG Series is a chance to compete in CF events as a scaled or RX athlete and potentially earn some money, but most definitely have some fun.


We do other things like:

Kickball league (mark)

Adventure Racing (eric, laura, andy, john, curtis, david)

Orienteer Racing (bob, andy)

Triathlons (paul, todd, dono)

Swimming (simon)

Kyaking (joel)

Ultra Trail Runs (todd)

Fencing (andy)

Rock climbing (angel)

Shooting (justin, andy, greg, joel, curtis, dono)

Possibly some Flag Football soon


If you are interested in these or have your own, please post below