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Ok guys, the Open is over and we are starting fresh. Hopefully you got the Email with the videos on the new movements for this cycle. If you did not, please go back and check your junk mail folder or email us and we will send them to you again. Of course your coaches will help you on the standards but these will let you see them before you ever get to class and give you an advantage.
We will be starting out with very simple movements and very high reps and moving towards higher skill exercises later. Take this time to get strong and develop a better understanding of the fundamentals so as we move forward you are better prepared for the more technical lifts both physically and mentally.

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Coach’s Choice (No Measure)

hit areas of body use in the strength/skill and WOD sections


RDL (4×8-12 )

Romanian DeadLift
As always with this rep scheme, if you get 12, go up in weight, if you get 8-11 stay at that weight, if you get less than 8, go down in weight. Do NOT exceed 12 reps.

Jump v-up run (Time)

Box jumps 24/20″
Run 400m between rounds (So there are only two 400m runs in this WOD)
RX+ Does 30″ Box and GHD Situps

Super Friend Stretching