Memorial Day WOD


Memorial Day WOD

Bring your friends, your family, and your enemies… to The Garage Memorial Day Team WOD. The WOD will be teams of 4 and will be scalable and accessible to anyone, even people that have never tried CrossFit before. Hold back no one from coming to this thing, it will be great fun. It will be run promptly for those of you that have other stuff to do, like eat [grass-fed] hot dogs and drink [gluten free] beer. Simon will stick around for a little while post WOD on the off chance that someone wants to socialize with him, or in case beer and dogs aren’t in your future. In short:


– Date: Monday May 28

– Arrive from 9:30-9-45am

– WOD start at 10am

– Teams of 4

– New people will have a chance to learn more about why CrossFit is so awesome and why you all look so great!