Max Out Monday


Max Out Monday

Crossfit Garage, Crossfit Towne Lake – CrossFit

Ok guys, here is some more testing. Remember the difference between training and testing. We have been doing a lot of prep work to make sure we are ready and in the best possible shape to hit these testers. Let’s get our heads right and attack the weights today!! This is what your training has been for the last several weeks!!

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Coach’s Choice (No Measure)

hit areas of body use in the strength/skill and WOD sections

Back Squat

1-Mile Run (Time)

Max Effort 1-Mile Run
***You may either run OR Row 2k. Not both***

2k Row (Time)

Max Effort 2k Row

Super Friend Stretching

Banded PNF hamstring stretch, Sit on a lacrosse ball, Foam roll upper back.