Key Factors for Improving Fitness


Key Factors for Improving Fitness

At the Garage we actually want you to get fit and learn how to live a healthy life.  We invest ourselves in you to see that you are growing and obtaining your goals.

We are not open 24/7.  We do not have a climbing wall.  We dont have basketball courts.  There are no TV’s.  But what you will find is a whole lot of moms and grey haired men and fit-as-can-be peeps throwing it down hard so that they can do whatever they want whenever they want and not break a sweat.

We are building fitness and health.  Our chosen method is Crossfit.  Our (unofficial) motto: I eat burpees like you for breakfast!


There are several easy key items to focus on to increase your fitness level quickly.  We dont have a magic pill or a battery powered shaking weight, what we do have is a proven method with measurable results.

Get coached – Listen to your coach.  If your coach says you are not getting full ROM (Range of Motion) then believe it and try for it.  If your coach has a suggestion on a technique change, try it.  If you find yourself saying “I’ll just do my thing over here, please leave me alone”, then you are missing out on a huge fitness enabler.  Get Coached!

Find your inner beast –  Strive for intensity in the given time domain, not going as perscribed (Rx).  The secret isn’t in doing the WOD (Workout of the Day) as Rx’ed, its in pushing hard.  If you are tired and busted at the end then you did well.  If you are saving yourself for the gossip afterwards, then you are again cheating yourself out of what you came here for.  Not everyone’s “inner beast” is equal.  Find yours and keep exceeding it.

5 days a week – If you are going to pay for this stuff then use it.  If you are going to pay for this then believe in it.  You may be thinking “Crossfit wont make me stronger, so I must lift else where” or “Crossfit wont make faster, so I must to sprints on my own” or “Crossfit wont help my endurance, so I must jog a 5k”.  None of that is true.  We have dozens of examples to prove CrossFit will do those exact things.  Now if you want to add in extra stuff on top of CrossFitting 5 days a week, by all means.  But if you are trying to get Simon-Fit or Jamie-Fit by coming twice a week, it will never happen.  These methods really do work if you commit yourself to the program.  Try it! 5 days a week for 3 month, what do you have to lose?  Fat,  feebleness, immobility, weak heart, weak knees… Gain your life back. It works.

Cut out sugar – I don’t need paleo or The Healing Diet or The Zone to tell me sugar is bad for me.  My mom has been saying it for years.  And her mom for years and so forth back to when Adam put some stevia on a dino-burger.  In all diets that our members follow the only agreed upon item is the extreme limitation of sugar; some cut it completely (no fruit) while others allow small ammounts from natural sources (like, surprise! Fruit). Try not drinking sweet tea, soda, diet soda (water is the only substitute here) for a month and watch the the scale go down and your performance go up.  Or go nuts like me and dump all refined sugar from your entire diet and eat all the meats, veggies and fruits you want and still loose the pounds (14 for me).

What’s wrong with folks that smoke? Why cant they quit… it stinks that they are addicted to a substance.  Lets now extend that to coffee… I can”t go a day with out my coffee, yet another addiction.  “Yeah but its not that bad” you say.  You both are slave to a substance.  Now extend that down to chocolate and sugar.  How many of you are slave to them?  They have power over your mind.  Try going 1 week without any of that junk and see what your mind thinks about and body craves.  Why do you let it control you?  Its your body and your mind, own it.  Get off it man!!!

Get some sleep – Anitra, a CrossFit-a-saurus at the gym, is a specialist in this area and so I can say this with Doctor approval.  Get some sleep!  Your body will do better with repairing, building, pushing, thinking, doing… just by getting more sleep.  If you have issues here contact Anitra’s office.

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Do these 5 things and you will be a new person in 3 months!