Kennedy Obrian


Kennedy Obrian

I think Michelle Romano Powell started a great thread in here! I am a barbell coach but I pretty much know most of you . There are so many success stories , transitions , hard work over the course of years I have eye witness! I would like to start recognizing 1 person daily!

Today I would like to start with Kennedy K O’Brien. She has recently joined barbell club with a goal of getting qualified for University Nationals. She is about to turn 20 and she is an inspiration. She is a full time student at KSU while working full time at a job requires a lot of energy , she wakes up at 4 am to go work , then comes to barbell to train and then goes to school and then side job she babysit.

Age doesn’t matter to inspire someone! Any hardwork , any dedication is a great example and I believe she is being a great example for her little sister and all the young ladies out there!

Keep up the good work Lady.

I already have so many of you in my mind I want to share daily. You all have a kick ass day!kennedy