Justin Saxon – Thanks!!!!


Justin Saxon – Thanks!!!!

We’d like to thank Justin for coaching with us and to wish him well at Crossfit Marietta, where the owner has asked him to run the box.

Justin came to us around September to fill in the 5:30am class slot.  After getting his level 1 and a few cups of coffee, he was up and running and did a great job.  Justin, unlike many of us,he is pursuing the plethora of alphabet soup you can get to go after your name for being degreed in the world of health and fitness.

Justin will still be around as much as he desires but is leaving the 5:30am slot as CF Marietta has started early AM classes.  We are sliding in Wyndi and Aubrey to fill his might large shoes.

We all support you in your decision, we all love you and want you around as much as you’d like to be and expect great things from you in the CF world my friend